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#BadassBudgeting Tip of the Day: Get Organized

Whether it's with your budget or your overall workspace, getting organized pays in big ways. When getting organized with your budget, print off the last 3 months history of any bank statements, and keep a physical transaction record of any cash going in and out. Categorize each expense as a fixed expense (unchanging month-to-month) or variable (changes each month). If you have time, go further still and organize each expense into a specific category such as housing, food, gas, clothing, recreation, subscriptions and the like. Organizing your finances in this way will give you a clear visual and exact total amount that in each of the major expense categories you have. This also gives us an idea of where we can skimp back and eliminate expenses. Do you have a Netflix account that you never use? What about a gym membership? These costs all add up month to month so it pays to sit down, get organized and see where we can cut back on our expenditures.

Have you ever heard that your physical surroundings mimic your internal landscape? Meaning that our physical surroundings mimic what is going on in our minds. Are our minds cluttered and chaotic or are they organized and streamlined with everything in its rightful place. Getting our physical spaces also helps with our finances from decluttering and cleaning to organizing and tidying our homes.

This lends me to ask, in what ways has organization helped with managing your finances? Drop your favourite tips below. I'd love to share these tips with others and learn more tips and tricks because God knows I love anything organization! Signed, Filipina Budget Girl.

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