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#BadassBudgeting Tip of the Day: Grow Your Marketability

Wait, what do I mean by "Grow Marketability"? What I mean is growing your online presence and brand. I've included this as a Budgeting Tip or Trick because the more we grow our marketability, the more opportunities can come our way, whether they be work or volunteer opportunities.

By having an online brand on LinkedIn, I make it easy for companies to contact me for opportunities if my work experience aligns with the skills and abilities they are hiring for in current roles. This has served me in the past as I wasn't looking for a new job opportunity, but from reading of my work experiences, skills and abilities online, several companies contacted me for work opportunities. This put me in the position of interviewing with said companies and placing me in a position to be able to choose from a handful of job offers. Now, the timing isn't always this perfect, but with a strong online brand and presence, you too can attract work opportunities that are fitting and competitive.

I've since moved to a company where I am treated with respect and admiration. I was able to learn of competitive compensation packages, all within a positive work atmosphere. I have great colleagues and progressive leadership where I feel like a valued member of the team and as a valuable addition to future leadership as I sit on a leadership committee all about placing our clients first and consistently delivering an exceptional advising experience to clientele.

So, long story short: grow your marketability, grow your online presence, establish your online brand. These tools will all help in landing work opportunities that are fulfilling and competitive, rewarding, challenging and new. Signed, Filipina Budget Girl.

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