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#BadassBudgeting Tip of the Day: Reuse/Recycle the Belongings You Already Have

When was the last time you "shopped your closet" to see all of the items you currently own and think up variations of certain pieces to create some really great outfits? I try to do this every Spring or Summer - clean out my closets, dresser drawers and armoire to figure out what I do wear regularly and what I don't use anymore that can be sold, donated or given away.

At the beginning of Fall, we completely revamped our closets and dressers and I ended up giving away several $300+ coats and jackets to one of my best friends who could use them on her travels and for work. This was me hitting two-birds with one stone.

When was the last time you went through your clothing and shoe inventory to figure out what you truly needed/wanted? I encourage you to go through your dresser drawers and closets to see what can be kept and given away. What cool outfits are you able to create with the curated pieces you've decided to keep? I'd love to see photos in the comments below. Signed, Filipina Budget Girl.

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