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#BadassBudgeting Tip of the Day: Surround Yourself with People Who Inspire You

As I started writing I originally titled this post "Surround Yourself with People Who Inspire You and Hold You Accountable" yet after further thought I realized it should be us (ourselves) that hold us accountable for our own behaviours especially with personal finance. Afterall, it's called personal finance because it's personal and we don't necessarily need or want someone else to hold us accountable with our money as money matters are highly private and personal.

This post is about surrounding ourselves with peopel who inspire us. Maybe we have a friend who is doing great with their investments during the market downturn who perhaps we can learn from or maybe it's a parent who has always taught us sound advice with money that we want to learn another tip of two from. In any case, surrounding ourselves with people who inspire us pushes us to be better. This can push us outside of our comfort zones so that we are able to achieve more, do more, be more. So take some time to sit down and reflect on who inspires you in your own circle and why. Maybe this person thinks the same about you and wants to spend more time with you creating a win-win situation. Surround yourself with people who inspire you so that you too can catapult into greatness. Signed Always, Filipina Budget Girl.

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