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#BadassBudgeting Tip of the Day: Use Your Public Library

A local Financial Planner and good friend taught me this tip: use your public library. When was the last time you used your public library? Did you know that most often than not, the local library is a wealth of information, learning and growth for a minimal cost or a lot of times, absolutely free (unless borrowed items are not brought back of course). The public library usually has a large selection of Personal Finance material, from books, to CDs, to public workshops and seminars even! It is an invaluable resource to learn the tips and tricks to manage money, get out of debt, save and invest.

There is a branch of our local library in the building where I work. I often frequent the library’s on my lunch break to read, borrow and sign out great Personal Finance books that I’ve simply found in the stacks of books or have heard about in the grapevine, have searched my local library online and elected to be put on the wait list to receive the book eventually. I’m currently readI go blogger and business owner, Daisy Luther’s “The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living” and I love it! It is packed with so many tips and tricks on how to manage money, live minimalistically, and save lots of cash. My specialty! So there you have it! This week’s Budgeting Tip of the Day is to use your public library. Let me know in the comments what you’re currently reading or what you’re most interested in reading in the next short while. I’d love to know! Signed, Filipina Budget Girl.

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