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#FinanceFridays: Mental Health and Money

Mental health can impact our relationship to money and vice versa. This relationship between money and mental health can be a vicious, circular cycle so it becomes ever more important to be able to be aware and informed about what we are experiencing to break negative (mental and emotional) patterns that hinder our ability to reach our financial goals.

Learning how mental health and money are connected might help if you're struggling. Sorting things out might feel like an overwhelming task and a lot of things may be out of your control but try taking things one step at a time. (, 2022).

Money worries can trigger anxiety and panic attacks, inflicting mental health struggles. On the other hand, mental illness can impact how we manage our money from depression causing people to struggle with responsibilities like budgeting and cash management. It is important to be able to reach out for help when we are struggling. If you need a resource, I highly recommend this resource that I learned about a few months back called Wellness Together Canada. One of the services is 24/7 counselling support that is available to the public on a weekly basis. Please visit Wellness Together Canada to coordinate or schedule an appointment with a Registered Clinical Counselor today.

Do you have stories about the connection between mental health and money? I'd love to learn about your perspectives and experiences in the comments below. Signed, Filipina Budget Girl.

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