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#MoneyMondays: 7 Budget-Friendly Fall Activities

One of the biggest challenges to budgeting, and sticking to a budget is finding ways to make the journey to becoming debt-free fun and fulfilling as opposed to restrictive and unhappy. Here are 7 Fall activities that can be done across many communities that can help us to stick to our budget while enjoying the overall budgeting process:

  1. Register for a membership and borrow resources from local community libraries

  2. Take a walk through a park

  3. Spend time at a public beach

  4. Download the AllTrails app and go for a hike with a friend

  5. Take up writing/journaling

  6. Listen to music

  7. Take nature photos with your phone or camera

Do you have more Fall activities that have proven to be budget-friendly or free? Be sure to comment in the space below. We'd love to hear what activities have worked for you! Signed, Filipina Budget Girl.

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