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#MoneyMondays: Gratitude Lists

A routine I have got into over the years since the Pandemic, is writing gratitude lists. They're simple to create and bring so much richness and fulfillment in life... yet this attitude of gratitude is free. To give you an idea of what a gratitude list looks like I've included one below:

Gratitude List

  1. Summer drinks and nachos with my Bestie.

  2. New beginnings.

  3. My health and wellness.

  4. The strength of my mind and body.

  5. Resilience.

  6. Joyfulness.

  7. Gratitude.

  8. A network of true and authentic people.

  9. Home

  10. Family and friends.

This would be what a Gratitude List could look and sound like. I encourage all my readers to try their hand at one gratitude list today, even if it only includes 3 factors to be grateful for. I'd love to hear some of your gratitude lists in the comments below. Signed, Filipina Budget Girl.

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