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#MoneyMondays: Holding Ourselves Accountable

It's easy to blame others for where we are at in life. However, our true power is when we take responsibility and accountability of our own actions and then reap the corresponding results of our hard work.

Something really important to learn is how to take fierce ownership and responsibility of our life's results: whether we are working on our health and fitness, working on our finances, or working on a variety of other life's goals. When we hold ourselves accountable for our life's results, there is no room for blame or pointing fingers, only a mirror to look into - which will consistently and reliably point back at ourselves.

I'm not discounting that challenges beyond our control happen in life (and sometimes frequently) yet when we learn how to bounce back faster and continue working hard on accomplishing each step of our goal(s), overall, we accomplish more and more than likely, have stayed true to ourselves and our values in the process which is of the utmost importance for happiness. Let's work on living out accountability, responsibility and ownership of our lives, leaving no room for "if only I had done this or that", ensuring we work the hardest and smartest we can to accomplish our grandest dreams and ambitions.

What are your tips in holding yourself accountable and what have you learned during the process? I'd love to know in the comments below. Signed, Filipina Budget Girl.

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