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#MoneyMondays: Mindfulness and Money Management

Even before earning my RYT-500 Yoga Teachers' Certification, I experienced the benefits of mindfulness. This post is what I've learned about applying mindfulness to money management over the last 20+ years.

  1. Getting in tune with our intentions. When we apply intentionality to our spending, saving and money management, it opens opportunities and routines that set us up to win. Intentionality encourages us to to slow down and be mindful of what we are doing whether it be spending, saving, budgeting... or any activity for that matter! Do you know what your intentions with money are? Do you have an overarching goal or mission to accomplish with money? Focused on the basics or do you have a grand vision? Getting in tune with our intentions forces us to slow down and reflect on what is important to us in the moment and on the spot, helping us to achieve our long term goals through each and every small daily action.

  2. Puts us in a state of ownership. When we apply mindfulness to our money management practices, we automatically shift to a state of ownership and accountability over our money and the results we have with money right now, in this very moment. Mindfulness holds us accountable to how much we make, how much we spend, debt management, credit management, and daily budgeting. When we have a healthy ownership and accountability of our spending and saving habits, practices and routines, we are one step forward in the game of money management.

  3. Encourages personal responsibility. When we take care of our mindfulness, and moreover, when we apply our mindfulness to our money management, we instill personal responsibility within ourselves, over ourselves, and our money. When we take care of ourselves, and decide that financial responsibility is also a form of self-care, we then hold personal responsibility over ourselves and our results in life.

I encourage everyone to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness encourages us to slow down, and in some cases, stop what we are doing and focus on the basics, the steps to take us to healthy money management for our present and future. What are your money mindfulness practices and the benefits mindfulness and money management has had on you? Let us know in the comments below. Signed, Filipina Budget Girl.

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