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#MoneyMondays: "Some of the Best Views Come from the Hardest Climbs"

"Some of the Best Views Come from the Hardest Climbs." Not only does this quote relate to hiking which we do a lot of in British Columbia, Canada but to our money as well.

I've spoken to many a friend and colleague that have shared that they're experiencing financial struggle and hardship. It is not uncommon and I want to say this in order to break the stigma we have around sharing about financial struggle and hardship.

Of course we share with the people we trust, so I won't be disclosing any names or identifiers of any of the people I have spoken to. I simply wanted to share this quote today that, "Some of the Best Views Come from the Hardest Climbs" because...

Money matters aren't always sunshine and rainbows. We need to face money challenges with a realistic lens, open-mindedness and the expectation to do hard and disciplined work. Without us working to achieve our financial goals and dreams, the goals will not come to fruition. It is up to us to put in the consistent, intentional and disciplined work and effort into our finances to achieve our money goals and dreams. Signed, Filipina Budget Girl.

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