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#MoneyMondays: Stretch Meals to Help Beat the Pressures of Food Inflation

Have you heard of the concept of Stretch Meals? These are easy-to-make, budget-friendly recipes that can help beat the pressures we are all feeling with food inflation. A quick Google or YouTube search of the term, "Stretch Meals", will reap many results of recipe and grocery shopping ideas that can support us during these stressful times.

The people I follow for their expertise on Stretch Meals are:

These YouTubers cover many different topics from 70 Meals for $25,00, Crockpot meals, to Great Depression meals that are healthy, nutritious and budget-friendly. I encourage you to check out these YouTube channels and see what you can learn when it comes to budget-friendly cooking and meal planning.

Have other cooking blogs and YouTube channels you'd like to recommend for budget-friendly meals? Be sure to comment below, we'd love to know! Signed, Filipina Budget Girl.

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