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#MoneyMondays: Why FilipinaBudgetGirl?

Not a lot of people know this about me... but I absolutely love to write. I was writing as young as 6 years old. Since I was 6 years old, writing has been my outlet and my #1 mode of creativity and self expression, along with dance (group ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, song and dance to name a few). Now, writing has become a way for me to commit to my mission; to share all I know and have learned about Money, Mindfulness and Motivation.

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled to find Filipina and Filipino representation in the workplace and beyond. The one and only Filipina finance professional I have met across my 17 years of working in the Canadian banking community, she became my mentor and trusted business advisor.

Filipina Budget Girl was born when I felt I still couldn't find that Filipinx representation I was looking for. In the thick of COVID-19; a time when the world had "shut down" and we were all isolated in our homes at some points, I became involved with a global Filipinx community called "FilExcellence", where I became a mentor to a mentee based out of New York. It was through COVID that my passion for writing truly took a new form - and that is this blog and business - Filipina Budget Girl Inc.

Paired with my daytime work of being a Manager for the largest bank in Canada, I thoroughly enjoy writing on the different seasons of banking from investments, to mortgages, to credit (from overdraft, to lines of credits to loans). I write and publish every Monday at 9AM Pacific Time for "Money Mondays" on various topics related to Money, Mindfulness and Motivation.

I am so grateful to the friends, fans and community that have supported my writing. Thank you so much for sharing the path of financial health and wellbeing with me. I am enjoying this journey and hope you'll continue reading on every #MoneyMonday. Signed, Joanne aka Filipina Budget Girl.

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