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#BadassBudgeting Tip of the Day: Thoughts on Netflix's "Marriage or Mortgage"

There is a new show on Netflix called “Marriage or Mortgage” which is exactly as it sounds... Contestants work with real estate agent, Nichole Holmes, or wedding planner, Sarah Miller, and at the end of their experience, choose to go with either Marriage (a wedding) or Mortgage (a house).

The show is intriguing! To see couples go in with a plan for a Mortgage only to work with wedding planner, Sarah, to see what she can achieve and change their minds to Marriage boggles my mind! But in support of both Nichole and Sarah’s work, they do an incredible job persuading each couple to choose either Marriage or Mortgage.

I know going in, my partner and I would choose Mortgage yet who is to say we wouldn’t change our minds and choose Marriage after seeing all that Sarah could achieve on our wedding wish list!

What are your thoughts on the show Marriage or Mortgage?

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