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#BadassBudgeting Tip of the Day: Pinpoint Your Financial Values

Determining our financial values is so important to ensure we are living out our personal principles and taking action according to what's most important and true for us. A few values that financial experts discuss most often include security, freedom, flexibility or spontaneity, giving to others, and living simply (How to Identify and Stick to Our Financial Values, October 2021). More specifically, financial values can include paying off debt, saving up for a house, planning for a vacation, or preparing for retirement.

I just recently had an appointment with my Financial Advisor where we discussed my financial priorities from continuing to save up for a house, planning for our upcoming vacation to the Philippines, getting ready for our wedding and preparing for retirement to ensure I have enough for when I need it in my future.

Anyone else struggle sometimes with what feels like competing priotities? In this appointment with my Financial Advisor, I was able to sit down with her and pinpoint what is most important to me (staying true to my values of health, quality time with loved ones, financial security / career, financial independence and financial freedom). We set up my immediate and long-term savings and investments and discussed our recent engagement and upcoming wedding.

So please, take the time to determine your financial values: pinpointing what is most important to you and why. Determining the hows and whys will ensure we stay committed and personally invested in making our goals come true and taking action everyday in making said goals come true. At the end of the day, living a life that's true to our values makes us feel good and keeps us fulfilled as opposed to setting goals that are not in tune with our values that cause us to continuously feel empty once we've reached them. This leads me to ask, what are your financial values? What is important to you to achieve financially, why and when do you hope to achieve these goals by? Drop a comment below to share! Signed, Filipina Budget Girl.

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