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#MoneyMondays: Mindfulness Practice

When you hear the word: "Mindfulness", what comes to mind? According to the Oxford Dictionary (2023), mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. Mindfulness can help us tap into the richness of life, and can also tune us so into the present moment that it results in us making more mindful, intentional choices about our spending and money management.

Recently, I was hit with a big and unexpected blow. I lost my job due to corporate restructuring. After a period of going through the various stages of grieving the loss, I picked myself up and took my next steps. One of these steps, included going to the Food Bank for my weekly groceries. I no longer was making an income and I was between periods of receiving my last paycheck from the company I previously worked for.

The reason I tell this story is that everything is temporary: whether it be our jobs, certain friendships and relationships, life circumstances. We as human beings are always changing and most importantly, have the capability to change: this includes our financial situation.

If you're currently struggling financially, know that with intentionality and mindfulness, you can slowly and consistently begin to change your circumstances also. Whether that be negotiating a higher salary, landing a new job offer, removing toxic relationships from your life... I believe in you and your capability to change and grow. Just like I know this life transition is temporary for me. I know inside that I have the capability to change and grow everyday and overcome this setback life has handed me. Signed, Filipina Budget Girl.

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