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#FinanceFridays: How Study Skills Can Help You in Your Finance Career

For those of you who are students right now (or were students in the past), this article is for you! How can study skills help you in finance? So many ways, from student to licensed finance professional, study skills can help you obtain licensing such as your Mutual Funds License, Branch Compliance Officer's License, Personal Financial Planning License, or even the Certified Financial Planning License. It highly depends on which route you'd like to eventually take your finance career. If you're just starting off your finance journey, getting the coaching and mentorship to help you decide where to take your career next and what applicable courses you'll need to be an ideal candidate for the position and better educated to handle the responsibilities of the job also helps to decide what type of license(s) to seek.

Do you have any questions about what type of license may be needed in the job you're looking at obtaining next? Feel free to reach out to be at and I may be able to give insight into what type of course you may need to take to be successful in the job (based on the Canadian retail banking system). Signed, Filipina Budget Girl.

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